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Here is a short list of thevaluablereal estate services provided by Tom Bruno, Real Estate Professional:

It's all about you!

NO FEE services-

1.  NO FEE Buyer Broker services in the search and locating of New Construction Homes in the Albuquerque Metro Area...(new construction homes only, no resale)

2.  NO FEE 'Agent' Locator Service, in case you want to buy or sell a pre-existing re-sale home .  "I know many VERY GOOD Realtors®", all with their own specialties!"  said the Ex-Realtor® Tom Bruno.

3.  Regular updates on the status of your New Build Home, as often as you like, in the medium you prefer.

4 . Old fashioned service coupled with modern technical skills.  

5.  Relocation Assistance- Basically, what do you need?  (some services may be Fee Based depending on what is is you need, let me know)

For a Fee:

1.  Fee Based Custom Video Tours of requested areas of town! Get to know Albuquerque and surrounding areas with my 'Drive ABQ Tours' , starting at only $99* per video, up to 30 mins.

2.  Fee Based Home or Apartment Rental Location Services -   Starting at a base price of $500* paid in advance.  (Terms and Conditions apply)


The Pros and Cons of using a Buyer Broker like Real Estate Pro Tom Bruno, to assist you in the location and procurement of A New Construction home.


The main advantage, at NO COST to you as the buyer, is that you get an advocate that understands the industry to help you understand your options- for your benefit.  The builders rep is there to sell a home for the builder, on behalf of the builders interest.  Using an often accepted buyer broker to help you levels the playing field for you as a customer.

Constant and Relevant updates on the progress of your New Build home as often as you like and it the medium you request.

Industry Knowledge.

Area Knowledge.

Help in knowing what questions to ask that are relevant and will be useful for you to know.

Having someone available to 'keep and eye out' on your behalf, you when you are back home, waiting for the big move to the area.

I attend local closings with my customers. (sometimes you can close at home- without coming to town to do so)

The builder will pay the commission for services rendered.  In most cases, you will NOT save any money or get a lower price if you are not using a Buyers Broker.  Albuquerque Metro Area Builders love Real Estate Brokers and are happy to pay.

Cons- None that I can think of.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       *for pricing details, please contact Tom Bruno- restrictions apply.