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Why is Tom Bruno not a Realtor, and what difference does it really make?

A personal message to all, from Tom Bruno:

The name Realtor® is a trademark of the National Association of Realtors® (aka NAR).    You must be a licensed real estate professional, in good standing, in order to join.  There are many benefits to being a member as they advocate for the Real Estate Industry, in a nut shell.

In NM, you must first be a licensed real estate professional, prior to joining.  Once a member, an 'agent' can also become a member of their local board, in my case the Greater Albuquerque Association of Realtors® (aka GAAR®), with all of the benefits they offer along with being able to join the local Multiple Listing Service® (aka MLS) where all 'agents' that are Realtors® post their listings to the web....(to be picked up by a whole slew of third party websites....)etc.  Oh, and I would also get Lock Box access in order to show re-sale homes to buyers, and to list properties.

However, in NM- all that is required of an individual licensee to help the public buy and sell real property, is to simply be a licensee in good standing.  (with some other minor requirements, ie Insurance, etc)  Additionally, to be independent like me, I also hold a Qualifying Brokers license.

That being said- as in my case, I have an active license in good standing with the NMREC (New Mexico Real Estate Commission), and hold a QB License.  In essence, I own my own company, and am my one and only 'agent' if you will.  I have no agents under me.  I could, but choose not to at this time.  However- it is most difficult (actually impossible) for me to drive buyers around and/or list homes for sale, as I am NOT a member of NAR- so.....no GAAR access, no MLS access, not even access to real estate forms that are put out by the Realtors® Association of NM (aka RANM).

Confused yet?  WHEW!

The other big deal regarding Realtors®, and it really is of value- is that they are held to higher standards, follow a high level of ethics, and are to work together peacefully and professionally for the benefit
of the public....in nut shell.  Regarding ethics- that is a big deal and is required to of ALL licensees to take, Realtor® or not.  The big difference between the Realtor® ethics and the NM States required ethic classes (once every 3 year cycle) is mostly the NAR version has 'sections' regarding how Realtors® are to work and cooperate with each other, again for the benefit for the public.   The state version obviously does not have this.

BUT- here is the thing......Tom Bruno- as a Real Estate Broker or Real Estate Licensee, or Real Estate Professional- or simply Broker) but never should be referred to as a Realtor® or Agent- (I am neither)-
must still abide by all the rules and regulations, laws and ethics as any Realtor® out there.  I just simply choose not to join at this time.......


.....I just specialize in New Construction Homes, along withpre-sell, pre-buy consultations, coupled with my no fee BrokerLocator Service - I have no need for the above association benefits (or costs!) and you are still dealing with an upstanding real estate professional, trained and knowledgeable in the industry as best as can be!  And, even if taking the required ethics classes did not exist, I would still operate in an ethical way, as I have done in my other businesses,
because it's the right thing to do, period!

In summary- youare not at a loss or disadvantage because I am not a member of NAR and the others-  you will still  have a great pro to help you!  At no charge to you, by the way!